Just a thought to which I frequently return – AA, NA “meetings,” the “12 Steps,” &c., – the lessons “we” learn in “recovery” seem to be lessons needed most by those who are not addicted or dependent on any substances. Everyone is “addicted” to something, and very often “addicts” are people who are both incredibly intelligent and incredibly reflective. It is a difficult world to live in when you know yourself and you know how others behave and you see the disconnect between action and thought. I see how “working the steps” works for “addicts,” but in my mind, those who need the most help are those who do not allow their minds to delve that deeply – they are those who don’t need to cover up the intense emotions they feel and the deep thoughts they think with external stimuli – because they don’t go that far. These are the people who need the help the most. At least in my opinion….


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