I’m going to make this one short and sweet because I don’t want to say too much on the subject right now for a variety of reasons. At any rate, for the aforementioned variety of reasons, I have been thinking a lot about this subject lately – marriage, that is – and how the meaning seems to have changed either in my mind since I’ve “gotten older” or it really has changed “objectively” in the world around me. Regardless of the cause, it seems as if marriage has ceased meaning a timeless bond between two people who love each other more than they love anything else in the world – a union of “soulmates,” if you will. From what I have seen around me, it seems as if “marriage” has simply become a device by which two people “commit” to each other after a period of prior commitment – i.e., that if two people are dating for x years, if they still “like” each other and enjoy each other’s company, the next “step” is to get married. This is not the definition of “marriage” I was “taught” or saw around me growing up. It is not the type of marriage that COULD be marred by something like an “affair.” Which brings me to that oh-so taboo topic – what defines an “affair” if “marriage” is simply a continuation of dating because that is the social expectation and the expectation of the (often male) individual given when (he) one looks around after a certain age and sees that everyone else has already “coupled off” in “marriages” and fears being left behind and alone? (The fear of being “alone” is not only the greatest human fear, I believe, and the primary motivator behind most of our once “biological imperatives,” but also one of the greatest human fallacies – we are all alone anyway, even if we have someone currently wrapped around us and 15 kids sitting around at our feet!) At any rate, this is just something I have been thinking of – how, to me at least, the term “marriage” seems to hold less and less actual “meaning” every day. I still think the term “affair” and its many connotations and implications hold pejorative connotations at best … but to me this is just a relic of the fairly recent past, and one we have to get over.

Just throwing some of the many thoughts that are circling around in my head out! My apologies for the lack of coherence in this … my tooth #2 is behaving badly and I am just beyond exhausted in every sense of the word. At any rate, I hope all of “my fellow Americans” are having a happy and healthy Memorial Day (and celebrating accordingly – i.e., taking some time to honor and respect those who have literally given everything to our country so that we may have the vast things we do have) and I am always wishing you all a happy and healthy day, wherever you might be in the world!!

Let’s talk about LOVE. Maybe soon!!! 😉

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