I am a ghost.

Watching a goofy video on Youtube entitled “The Philosophy of Cowboy Bebop” … I don’t know when “Film Noir” just became “Noir” – at some point between 2007 and the present, if that is the case, but I do believe that in itself makes me, like Faye, a ghost. How does one become alive again? It’s like a living ghost. Cue The Smashing Pumpkins. Heh.

I think I am, like Faye here as well, fortunate to look younger than I am for my age. It’s not decades and decades, but for now, I could get by a decade. I am fine with that. I am mentally competitive – perhaps more now than I was a decade or more ago … and when it comes to what I’m after, that’s really what matters now. Because the other heroes I had in my life in my past have actually passed on – and that makes them actual ghosts and it makes those dreams that I had impossible ever to achieve. Which drives the point home – a point that helped get my ass out of bed this morning – do what you can while you can and don’t give a sh!t about what anyone thinks or how old you are or what makes you different or why … blah blah blah. If you refer back to my entry regarding age and relativism, it really is all extremely relative! Why does it matter if said Dr. has 15 years more experience than you do if YOU ARE THE BETTER DOCTOR?? It doesn’t! Perhaps to some people it does, but I hope you see what I am getting at with that – that you can make what you want out of a “bad” or skewed situation!


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