Middle Age

Hello! I am just working on figuring this “blog” bit out … so please bear with me!

Today I am reflecting on the split there is between those for whom the term “middle-aged” applies and the greater number of people for whom the term has become obsolete. I like to think, at any rate, there are a greater number of people for whom the term “middle-aged” has become obsolete and antiquated! If we consider the average lifespan of humans (we’ll say around 70, for simplicity’s sake!), 35 would definitionally be “middle-aged.” This means the traditional characteristics associated with middle age – being married, having kids, owning a house, having worked a steady job for many years, &c., &c., – must necessarily have been met by the time one enters the mid-30’s. This is a terribly depressing prospect!!! How limiting are these definitions not only for those of us affected by chronic illness who must necessarily operate on a different timeline, but for the “average” “healthy” person who is pressured into “achieving” these things simply to be “average” and not lose the potential to get married or have children or whatever “average” entails.

I will come back to this at a later date – too much noise and stress at the moment!


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