Well, at last here I am!

I started this “blog” as a way to express two very important sentiments related to my chronic illnesses: 1. that there are many ways of doing things and no one operates on the same “timeline” despite social pressures to do just that (see many posts to come!) and 2. that YOU, that NONE OF US, is EVER ALONE! I know how isolating chronic illness can be; I have lost more or less all of my friends, I haven’t had or been able to “date” in about a decade, and my life has basically “fallen apart at the seams.” With that being said, I know that although physically I might be alone in there here and now, that there are so many people out there who are going through the exact same thing that I am, or who have been through it and seen it through to the other side. There is ALWAYS hope. I want you to know that. I hope to convey an “alternative perspective” to the “traditional” views of what should happen and when and why in life and to show you that chronic illness, as awful as it might be, does, in fact, come with its own set of blessings.

I hope you are interested – if anyone ever has a topic he or she would like to discuss or just needs a shoulder to lean on (or an ear to listen!), feel free to contact me! I am here! I hope you are having a happy and healthy day, no matter where you are in the world!


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