Good Morning?

Hello world! I am writing to inform yinz that yes, I did miss yesterday. And yes, this is a "filler post" just to let you know that I am on my way out to CHURCH with a friend (*gasp!* I actually used to go to church religiously ... heh.); but I do plan on writing … Continue reading Good Morning?



That title - "Free Thought Friday" might be a little strange. But bear with me please! I am trying to keep the alliteration alive (or the consonance ... or the assonance....) and well while trying to get some of the stuff in my head out into the world in a more "concrete" way. SO, with … Continue reading Free Thought Friday – REDEFINING THE “SEXUALITY” ( / SEXUAL “PREFERENCE”) BINARY!

Motivation Monday – Is “Failure” an Option?

Many of the posts I have started to write here - saved now as "drafts" - involve the results of action vs. "inaction." This basic "is" or "is not" can be formulated into infinite numbers of "hypotheses" despite the fact that they all basically come down to the aforementioned basic "argument." Today, for "Motivation Monday," … Continue reading Motivation Monday – Is “Failure” an Option?