Memory / Anecdote of the Day

I was just refilling my humidifiers (and no, I have no idea why filling tanks of water made me think of this) and I remembered a funny story from my last "years" of school before I got so sick. It was the year in which I was supposed to graduate, and I partook in the … Continue reading Memory / Anecdote of the Day

A Thought “Experiment” for the “Healthy”

If you are one of the lucky "healthy, normal" people out there reading this, I have a favor to ask of you. I guess this would work only if you are over the age of 30 as well, so my apologies to any younger readers - I am quite sure I have plenty of questions … Continue reading A Thought “Experiment” for the “Healthy”

You Must Also Know Your Weaknesses!

Hello my lovey doves! I am here just briefly (I am working away on other endeavors at the moment and there was another post I thought of while I was driving earlier and I seem to have forgotten it ... with any luck it will pop back into this steroidsy screwy brain of mine!) to … Continue reading You Must Also Know Your Weaknesses!