Saturday Saying(s)

I apologize for not being able to write here yesterday - my vision got so bad I couldn't read what I was writing! Things seem better today so I am really hoping I will be able to see well enough to write MORE later (hehe) but I need to get ready for CHURCH (I am … Continue reading Saturday Saying(s)


Thursday Thought

Here is yet ANOTHER TRULY succinct post! I'm on a roll! *CHEERS!*I think those of us who are "givers" in life - those of us who tend to "give give give" in relationships of any kind - are either the children of abusive parents or narcissistic parents or had some other experience in our early … Continue reading Thursday Thought

Wednesday Wisdom – “Deserving”

Don't ever think you are "too good" for people you don't know or that you are "too good" for certain things to happen to you. You never know what others are going through and you never know what tomorrow will bring. You can anticipate every scenario imaginable, but I guarantee that if you even look … Continue reading Wednesday Wisdom – “Deserving”